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Select gear materials should pay attention to fllows
2014-12-24 by xiugai

Process refers togear Trolley properties of the material itself is able to adapt to the requirements of the various processing capabilities. This is because the manufacture of gears to go through forging, machining and heat treatment and other types of processing, due to the selection of materials in time to take note of the technological properties of the material. Faced process performance materials, we can be improved by changing the process specification, heat treatment methods and other means.
In selecting material nsk bearing gear. Must understand the form of China's industrial development, combined with our resources and production conditions, from reality, full consideration of the mechanical properties, process performance and economy and other aspects, in order to ensure that only a reasonable selection of gear quality, reduce product costs, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness .
Mechanical properties to meet the material include strength, hardness, ductility and toughness, reflecting the material in the course demonstrated characteristics. Gear tooth contact during meshing contact stress at the tooth root has a maximum bending stress may produce tooth or teeth strength failure. To know the tooth surface pitting, tooth bonding, tooth deformation and tooth broken figurines and other gear sprocket failure as long as the form, thus requiring gear materials have high bending fatigue strength and contact fatigue strength of the tooth surface to have enough hardness and wear resistance of the core to have a certain strength and toughness. On the other hand, according to the properties of the material used to determine the grade of material, the mechanical properties of the material to be clear or hardness of the material, we can by different heat treatment process to achieve the desired range of hardness to impart different mechanical material properties.
The so-called economy is the smallest of the cost to achieve maximum economic benefits, to meet the performance of the premise, the choice of gear materials should also pay attention to minimize the total cost of the part, which is the material and economic requirements. From the material itself, the price to be considered, the price of carbon steel and cast iron is relatively low, so the carbon steel and cast iron parts in meeting the mechanical properties of the premise, which not only has better processing performance and reduce costs.
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