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Electric hoist electric circuit
2013-12-27 by xiugai
Large Electric Hoist (including driving) have forward, backward, left, right, up and down 6 kinds of control mode, through a variety of complex interlocking control. Its disadvantage is that people must be close to the operation, poor security. This example introduces electric hoist control circuit, the use of infrared remote control, remote control distance (or height) for more than 8 m, safe and convenient to use, can meet the special requirements of dangerous sites for hoisting device. Electric hoist electric circuit working principle: the remote control electric hoist control circuit controlled by the infrared emission circuit and the infrared receiving circuit two parts. Infrared emission circuit encoded by infrared emission integrated circuit of ICI and peripheral components, as shown in figure 1. Control button S1 ~ S4 VD1 ~ VD3, diode, capacitor C3 ~ C8 and IC1 within 4 ~ 13 feet of keying input circuit; Capacitor C1 and C2, semiconductor vibration of BC and IC1 circuit of oscillator circuit in 2 or 3 feet; Resistor RI ~ M 1/2, infrared light-emitting diodes, transistor VI and VL1 ~ VL3 and IC1 within 15 feet of the circuit of infrared driver circuit. Infrared receiving control circuit by infrared receiving amplifier circuit, decoding circuit, the trigger control circuit and control circuit, as shown in figure 2. Infrared receiver amplifier circuit by the resistor R5 C1O ~ ~ R8 and capacitor C13, infrared signal processing integrated circuits IC2, VD4 infrared receiving diode and transistor V3. Decoding circuit by the IC3 C14 ~ C17, capacitor, resistor and R9 R1O and transistors V4 and V5.
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