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Single speed type chain electric hoist product features
2013-12-29 by bridgeyanju
HHXG type single speed high quality electric chain hoist the characteristics as follows: (you can choose 220 v and 380 v voltage) 1. The head (load chain), button control line, the length of the power supply cable such as in the standard specification, please discuss with our company. 2. The chain of canvas bag for the standard chain bag. 3. Load chain after heat treatment, can't be used together, please note. 4. Operating methods for monorail 5 point (up and down, lateral) button, crane with 7 point (top and bottom, horizontal and vertical) button. 5. The operating voltage is 24 v low voltage. If choose operating crane with 7 point button controller, please choose other crane control box. 6. Button controller with the emergency stop button. Press the emergency stop button can be convenient to cut off the circuit of the motor. 7. When using more than one bottle gourd on the same track may cause a collision between the need to install the buffer device. 8.2 at the same time lifting machine, please according to the rated load of unilateral gourd can hoisting load requirement to the selected gourd.
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