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The maintenance of link chain lever hoist and features
2013-12-28 by bridgeyanju
1. The lever horizontal lifting hoist wire rope will hoist hook and fixture reliably fixed, the chain hook with suspended weight hanging in a reliable way. 2. The Lever Hoist heavy promotion. The knob switch to "on" position brand, then reciprocating pull (handle, with the handle of the reciprocating throw, the weight is steadily rising. 3. The lever hoist weight down. Knob to sign on the "down" position, then reciprocating pull (handle), the weight will follow to handle pull (, steady decline. 4. The lever hoist hook position adjustment. Light turn knob to the instructions of the "0", and then scroll wheel, can adjust the chain hook on the next position horizontal lifting. Is ratchet release ratchet, such is the usable hand pull chain and quickly adjust the position of the chain hook. 5, lever hoist, small volume, light weight, and then to carry, wider practicability; 6, lever hoist fast back to chain function, can effectively advance work efficiency; 7, lever hoist can be in any field, lifting, pulling, narrow corner shift; 8, lever hoist system lock function is strong, elastic freely.
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