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Low headroom type electric hoist
2013-12-29 by xiugai
Low headroom type Electric Hoist, the structure is exquisite design, superior performance, novel appearance and beautiful, accord with the latest international standards of DIN, FEM, reached the technical level of foreign similar products. 5 t low headroom double chain electric hoist product features: low headroom chain electric hoist, possesses the characteristics of compact structure, effectively increased, especially suitable for building height, the lower the plant according to the different requirements of users can provide with double brake, speed limit, overload restrictions and which has the function of manual release electric hoist. Low headroom chain electric hoist with a variety of lifting weight, lifting height and lifting and running function of single and double speed, the product can meet the overspeed protection, overload protection, two brake and manual release high requirements, can be in high security requirements, such as nuclear power plant in the environment. The machine has been successfully used in qinshan nuclear power phase ii project and daya bay in ling ao nuclear power engineering, currently widely favored by the users at home and abroad. Lifting weight (T) : 3.2, 6.3, 5, 10, 20 and 32 Lifting height (M) : 6.3, 8, 10, 12.5, 16, 20
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