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After pushing the switch electric hoist how don't work?
2013-12-30 by xiugai
According to the Electric Hoist after starting switch does not work, mainly because of the gourd not connected to the rated working voltage, and can't work, generally speaking, there are three kinds of situations: (1) whether the power supply system for electric hoist power transmission, generally use test pencil test, such as not sending, such as sending again after work; (2) the gourd master and control loop of electrical appliances, circuit disconnection or poor contact, also can make the hoist motor can't electricity, this kind of situation, on the need to test the main and control circuits, inspection, in order to prevent the main and control circuits to three-phase motor power phase and burned, or hoist motor with electric operation, harm, must will hoist motor from the power cord to disconnect on the road, only to master and control circuit of electric transmission, then dynamic starting point and the rest switch, check the analysis and control electric circuit working condition, for electrical appliances with title or line for repair or replacement, when confirm the irrational barrier, control circuit, can try again; (3) than the rated voltage of the hoist motor power down more than 10%, motor starting torque is too small, make the hoist lifting goods, and can't work, check, use a multimeter or voltmeter input terminal voltage measurement, such as motor, because of the voltage is too low, truly make motor can't start, shall system voltage return to normal before the use of electric hoist.
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