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The reliability of the group of crane electric hoist
2013-12-28 by xiugai
The reliability of the group of crane Electric Hoist 1, the distribution of reliability index is due to: the function of the product and user needs, formulate corresponding reliability index value; According to certain principles and methods, according to the product structure step by step distribution reliability index. 2, reliability prediction: the group of crane hoist design development stage, based on previous similar system preliminary estimate the reliability of the new system, the reliability of the data to achieve the required reliability index. 3, reliability design: according to the reliability theory and method to determine the parts and the whole machine structure scheme and the related process parameters. 4, manufacturing reliability: among the group of crane electric hoist production process, ensure product advantages, at the same time guarantee the quality of the products and reliability. 5, reliability test, namely through the prescribed test methods to test products, to ensure the reliability of products, make the product reliability indexes meet the specified requirements. 6, the reliability appraisal: determine whether group of crane hoist products conform to the requirements of the quality of reliability, it is only through product quality appraisement, can put into mass production and sales.
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