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hsz series chain hoists
2014-01-06 by xiugai
HSZ series Chain Hoist with symmetrical arrangement of two spur gear transmission structure , the structure is a single ratchet , single pawl . HSZ series chain hoist with monorail supporting the use of the composition of lifting and transport Trolley for overhead monorail transportation, or for a manual single girder crane and jib crane is a widely used and portable manual lifting, can be used for industrial, agricultural construction, mining and other machinery installation, cargo lifting, loading and unloading of vehicles , especially for outdoor and no power supply . HSZ type chain hoist chain hoists using rules can refer to the use of practices , as well as the maintenance of chain hoists , to operate and maintain . In addition to the model series chain hoists chain hoists structure compared to other different, it determines the tension in the lifting process needed smaller, more effort , but also to enhance the taller and heavier weights . For special requirements for lifting larger occasions
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