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Chain hoists manufacturers target until India
2014-01-06 by bridgeyanju
Our export rate soared in recent years, chain hoists lashing cargo, like the Middle East , South America and other places are the main export regions in China chain hoist , but there are many in the industry is serious about the Indian market and personnel , from the overall development of India's national perspective, India has been emphasis on high-tech research and national infrastructure is relatively weak in the International Competitiveness Report 2012-2013 shows that India's ranking in infrastructure from 2006-2007 to 43 down to 76 lashing cargo. Some industry personnel believe that the slow development of infrastructure in India , the demand is not high on the lifting machinery , lifting machinery market in India too . But on the contrary, it is precisely because of India 's backward infrastructure , described India some time in the future infrastructure will pay attention to it , which is the number of chain hoists manufacturers to target the cause of India directed . The market is good or bad to see the market potential , market potential profits to be made can have lashing cargo. Chain hoists manufacturers chose to accelerate India India is also a fancy building grassroots opponents pull hoist demand potential. According to statistics, India has been paralyzed by the power of confusion, in the most prosperous urban areas will happen , the system power supply capacity in India is China 's only 1 / 4 on road construction, said India was a real the length of the highway is only 200 kilometers . The Indian government is also trying to change the status quo. With the advance of government work , infrastructure begins to accelerate . The construction of urban infrastructure, commercial and residential buildings, ports, power , water conservancy facilities , mining , oil, gas and airports speed lifting equipment market in India will be ushered peak. Lashing cargo last June a new beginning and some Indian enterprises , especially large number of cities in India demand for Electric Hoists , great market prospects . Many chain hoists manufacturers are willing to cooperate and India because of the relatively low threshold of their opponents pull hoist , which makes some small hand chain hoists manufacturers and export opportunities for their cooperation. In addition to the chain hoists , electric hoists , India , Bridge crane , gantry crane , such as the demand has been rising . In addition, the domestic price compared to Germany, chain hoists , chain hoists in Japan is relatively cheap , but also in line with India's development status .
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