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Combined lever hoist series
2014-01-20 by xiugai
Combined Chain Hoists inside the closed pre-lubricated bearings and wheels small wheels ensure a quiet , smooth running . Standard equipped with anti- tilt and anti-skid device that can provide hoists where Lever Hoist corrosive gases in use . By using a chain hoist with manual monorail car , so this is more flexible modular chain hoist applications . Upper chain hoists and monorail closely , very suitable for use in low headroom and limited space , manual monorail clamp beam width for a variety of models , and the car 's width can be adjusted by the clamp nut gaskets be adjusted until the maximum 300mm, the operation is very convenient. This combined chain hoists can be widely used in construction, roads, bridges , metallurgical , mining , slope tunnels, wells and other infrastructure construction management protection of machinery and equipment, and so many more places to use.
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