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lever hoist product features and structure :
2014-01-20 by xiugai
1 Lifting motor M6 high-performance MH-5 -type lifting motor has to work 30 minutes grade and B grade insulation properties. Durability : Durability is one of the main characteristics of this product . Machvision Lever Hoist M6 Series BB 8815-1987 IV and V class manufacturing level in accordance with the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). 2 surface hardening lifting chain Machvision MODE Chain Hoist with large class sizes 7.1mm and 11.2mm80 special hardened surface lifting chain , to ensure their safety and durability. Machvision chain surface treatment technology for the world leading level, can be done to prevent hardening of the surface lifting chain product damage , while the core material softening , it will give the lifting chain to maintain its high durability and safety. MODE hardened chain using advanced technology , for each chain have been tested to ensure its resilience and security. 3 electromagnetic lever hoist brake The new braking system react quickly and provide a positive braking force . Use of non- asbestos brake linings greatly extend the maintenance cycle. Brake system has been tested more than 22,500 times . 4 . Mechanical brake Very reliable mechanical brake and electromagnetic brake coordinated action to stop the rotation of the machine at any time. Effectively protect the safety of people and property. 5 Run the system Single-speed or two-speed hoist is equipped with hanging hooks or manual or electric car, meeting the different requirements of the package . 6 helical gear Helical gears provide reliability and extended life by minimizing the impact of gear meshing and vibration. The special design of the gear reduction to achieve greater durability , and the gear is made of alloy steel , heat treatment after a professional Narrow maximum strength. 7 oil bath lubrication Because all types of high quality M6 series oil bath lubrication system. Gear oil bath lubrication system can also be effects on the mechanical brake cooling agent. High -level lifting For the completion of the high -level strictly lifting duty cycle and is the most basic requirements of industrial production . M6 (I- VT) level of 40% ED lifting meet almost all industrial applications. 8 . Overload protection and low load Use limit switches can eliminate overload and damage the load is too low to cause Machvision MODE product .
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