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lever hoist hook- sectional shape of the body
2014-01-20 by xiugai
Hook is one of the important parts Manual Hoist , press material can be divided piece forged hook and hook , hook Lever Hoist by hook body ( curved portion ) of the section can be divided into circular, rectangular , trapezoidal and T -shaped cross-section hanging hook , from the forces see T -shaped cross-section hook the most reasonable , but its drawback is relatively complicated process , up to the hook using a trapezoidal cross-section , reasonable force to facilitate manufacture . Rectangular cross section of plate -type hook load capacity is not fully utilized, relatively bulky. Circular cross-section hook hook only for small occasions . Down chain hooks in the FAQ. Hook is inverted chain lever hoist indispensable extract device down the chain hook qualified manufacturing units have certificate and other technical documents and other inputs before using ; inverted chain hook can not be cast hook ; hoists to prevent accidental decoupling should to set the hook with a safety device ; hook before and after use to timely inspection and timely replacement of scrapped hook ; If defects in the process of using a hook , directly scrapped , not by welding before you continue.
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