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The structure and characteristics of bridge crane
2013-12-28 by xiugai
Crane mainly include lifting mechanism, operation mechanism, luffing mechanism, slewing mechanism, and metal structure, etc. Lifting mechanism is the basic work of crane, is mostly composed of hanging system and winch, also have lift heavy things by hydraulic system; Operation to longitudinal migration weights or adjust the working position of crane, is generally composed of motor, reducer, brake and wheel; Luffing mechanism on the boom type crane, armed only with boom when it lifted up its amplitude decreases, and leaning amplitude increases, when the transformer two kinds of transformer and non equilibrium points balance; Slewing mechanism is used to restore boom, consists of driving device and rotary bearing device; Metal structure, as a skeleton of a crane, the main ChengZaiJian such as bridge, boom and door frame for box structure or truss structure, can also be used for the web structure, some available steel as the support beam. Main bearing beam crane, tower crane, Bridge crane, gantry crane, jib crane, etc. Wide beautiful crane sector to provide you with a lot of solutions, to meet the diverse needs of you for lifting equipment, thousands of different kinds of lifting equipment, find out the most efficient solution for you.
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