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Electric manual hoist maintenance can not just look
2014-01-20 by xiugai
When doing maintenance, we should not only observe the surface Electric Chain Hoist should also be a detailed examination of its internal structure. After the electric chain hoist use a certain time , an internal Manual Hoist gear parts will be loose and starvation conditions according to the situation , which requires tightening Parts and increase oil to resolve. Some electric chain hoist operations where relatively poor, more severe sandstorm , this time it should be cleaned regularly electric manual hoist chain hoist , so the sand Gravel or dirt piled up , it touches hoist heavy wear . In the inspection and maintenance of electric chain hoists , must be careful patience , maybe a little carelessness will lead to future accidents. Electric chain hoist maintenance does not require a certain period of time , customers can according to their own operating conditions , do regular checks.
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