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Selection manual chain hoists
2014-01-06 by xiugai
Near to Shanghai Yuan customers often reflect their relatively new Chain Hoist selection confused , I do not know how to choose the right type of chain hoists . For this new specially Shanghai Yuan summarize a few points in this for our customers choose chain hoist models specified when needed attention. 1 , understand their purchase of the brand chain hoists purposes. Whether regular use ? The maximum required number of pounds of chain hoists to pull ? And will tell Yuan 's new sales staff, they can recommend several suits your needs chain hoists model for you. 2 , has its own heart can withstand the price, whereby you can make a choice in the domestic chain hoists and chain hoists imported into , of course, does not necessarily imports than domestic well. 3, according to the above two points , after filtration , is also available for the rest of the chain hoist model we choose so few , and this time we have to do is to test the mechanical properties of the final product , to see whether the product through the National Crane detection transport machinery quality supervision and Inspection Center , through inspection and in a little over cases still work to prove that subsection model reliable quality chain hoists , chain hoists the trusted brand . After the above three we will find that the selection is so simple chain hoists , chain hoists other is in the process of selection must not be too hasty in order to avoid careless buy inferior products , to later use safety hazard .
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