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Wire rope electric hoist safe
2013-12-28 by xiugai
wire rope electric hoist safe, reliable and durable; Good performance, convenient maintenance; Adhere to the "safe and reliable design, the essence to manufacturing, timely and efficient service, the pursuit of customer satisfaction" business philosophy, to the quality strives for the survival, to the credibility of promoting development of the enterprise, with customers to join hands in creating brilliant tomorrow! Part of wire rope electric hoist can be roughly divided into: reducer, control box, wire rope, cone-shaped motor, push button switch. The role and function of each part are as follows: Reducer, helical gear transmission mechanism is to use level 3 a fixed axle, gear and gear axle has been heat treated alloy steel, box, box cover is made from high quality cast iron, assembly, sealing is good. Control box: can is used to cut off the main circuit in case of an emergency, and up and down with a trip to protect fire stop device. Type: wire rope is to use hoisting wire rope, it ensures the durable. Taper motor: lifting motor with large dynamic torque conical rotor asynchronous motor, brake and brake. Push button switch: using hand type, light and flexible, points with string manipulation and wireless remote control in two ways.
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