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Electric hoist by pulley
2013-12-29 by bridgeyanju
motorized chain hoist by pulley, wire rope and hook the sling to lifting objects, so the inspection and maintenance of pulley can from the following several aspects to strengthen inspection, prevent the accident. 1, in the daily maintenance should check whether there is a crack on the pulley, emphatically through a magnifying glass to observe, if found a crack shall be carried out immediately on the scrap processing. Prohibited by welding cracks using inheritance. 2, check the pulley groove and whether there is friction between wire rope and day whether has the phenomenon of steel wire rope groove. 3, check the pulley wear degree motorized chain hoist, such as is beyond the scope of design to wear should be scrapped processing, immediately replace the pulley to ensure work safety. 4, check whether the pulley shaft is connected firmly, roller rolling is flexible, has abnormal noise. Should be fixed to check once a month, and the pulley lubrication processing, ensure its good working condition.
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