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Electric hoist crane installed monitor
2013-12-29 by xiugai
1, Electric Hoist can't stop, or to limit position is still not stop: most of the electric hoist can't parking is main contactor contactor fusion welding, when press the gourd resting switch, contactor contact can not be broken, and motor function normally, make the gourd without a stop. If still not parking electric hoist to the limit position, such as stop, this kind of situation, on the block power immediately, make the electric hoist to parking. After parking, inspection contactor or stop, serious damaged beyond repair, must change, can be normal use. 2, electric hoist reducer leakage reason: the decelerator connecting screw does not tighten, after downtime, should tighten the screws. Hoist reducer box body and box cover, seal assembly adverse damage or failure, should remove the inspection or replacement of sealing ring, can prevent leak. 1, in the electric hoist is installed on a computer, automatic control electric hoist oil temperature, oil level, shock load, and so on. If on the brake device equipped with monitoring system, can monitor brake failure, monitoring on-site, brake piece of brake temperature and the rest of the number of life safety brake. 2, using pulse generator technology monitoring electric thought running state, utility function monitoring counters, can monitor on-site, electric hoist and hoist crane work time, start times, hoisting cycle times, uniform load and the number of remaining safe braking 3, infrared remote monitoring feedback technology: using computer via infrared technology, remote monitoring of electric hoist crane load time, start times, such as failure rate function of safety data.
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