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Experience of automatic-shift cars
2013-12-30 by xiugai
Control are still preserved for star better hard that mature 2.0 litres of the inverted type engine, with maximum power of 150 HP and 150 cattle, peak torque, but cooperate with the gearbox has upgraded to a 5 speed automatically and 6 speed manual. We experience automatic-shift cars, although dynamic character almost unchanged, when all is still a linear and superabundant and explosive force is insufficient, but shifting shock fell four agitation speed gearbox, comfort is worth affirmation. If you want to pursue more direct driving pleasure, it is better to choose 6 speed manual models, not only shift the timing is more active, and the official acceleration performance is also better. About two generations of Mazda 3 has been good at handling ability, to be honest it is difficult to test in the test drive its real strength. But can be clearly perceived that the relative import double-box car, star import the front macpherson, after the multi-link suspension set-up for the Chinese market is not based on cost control. With precise steering, suspension reaction less nervous than before, the overall showed a high tolerance. Star as a domestic models, better not try to overthrow or change before any design train of thought, it's just on the way to insist on self go further, to live better. Compared to the cash the horse 3, with emphasis on light and shadow carving body line does have the stronger integrity
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