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Chain electric hoist installation method
2013-12-28 by bridgeyanju
Pipe Rack Jack installation method First of all, need to install the chain box; Second, connect the power cord Connect the power cord, must cut off power supply in advance. Earth wire should be good grounding at the same time, otherwise the operator touch any part of the hoist or chain, are likely to feel the feeling of electric shock. Third, lubrication chain Electric Hoist the load on the chain The chain lubrication degree is an important factors affecting the service life of the load chain. Lubrication load chain in a timely and effective manner, to guarantee the effective service life of the chain. Fourth, check the arrangement of the chain For multiple rows of chain link chain electric hoist, shall ensure that the hook is not reversed. If the flip, it returned to normal, to ensure that the chain of welding lines. Don't hang on twisted Chain Hoist loads. Finally, check the pipe rack jack Because of the link chain electric hoist factory, is according to the user specified voltage or high voltage equipment (only for dual voltage), such as 230/460 v, the operator to check and confirm whether meet the requirements of power supply voltage. If does not conform to, please refer to instruction for correcting to meet must work voltage requirements.
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