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Optional proof Pipe Rack Jack, quality control is very important
2014-01-07 by bridgeyanju
Proof Chain Hoists are a special type of chain hoists , mainly in aluminum bronze, beryllium copper as a rough , specifically for the explosion of flammable and other environments , and therefore the most Pipe Rack Jack important quality when purchasing . First look at how the performance of explosion -proof chain hoists , manufacturing material used meets the National Light Industry proof test tool Quality Supervision and Inspection Center , the materials used if there is proof certificate ; Also need to see whether the product through the National Quality Supervision and handling equipment inspection and test center , if only through the quality inspection of products some protection . In addition , proof chain hoists in the transport process should also be noted that should a single piece of wooden packaging and sealed with foam plastic wrap , moisture and cushion the impact of transport to ensure that the product is intact during transport . TOYO chain hoist is a hoist manually imported brands , which have a major effect weight 0.5t, 1t, 1.5t, 2t, 3t, 5t, 7.5t, 10t, 20t pipe rack jack. So starting weight in the end mean? From the weight refers to the chain hoist lifting work properly permitted weight tonnes (t), but since we are talking about more than weight generally refers to nominal weight , that is, Manual Hoist to lift the maximum weight allowed . For example , 0.5 tons TOYO chain hoists lifting the maximum weight allowed is 0.5 tons , in the use of non-super load, in order to avoid the occurrence of chain scission case.
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