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How to solve Plain Trolley the problem of loose brake spring
2014-01-07 by xiugai
Is a professional Chain Hoists, Lever Hoists, cranes and other lifting equipment line tackle manufacturers , the following are details of related news and how to solve the problem of brake springs loose . Brakes are a common part of lifting machinery and equipment in the work we often encounter the Plain Trolley brake spring loosening ? The main spring is the brake hold power brake wheel. In order to generate a braking force of the main spring as needed. To make the main spring to produce the desired braking torque , the brake to ensure reliable work , it is necessary to determine and adjust the width of the main spring . The main spring tune as short , the greater the tension of the spring , it produces a large braking torque , brake will hold tight. Gates occur work loose , could not hold the object to be hung , or suck on the brake solenoid not fall in the parking , mostly because the main cause of the spring is too loose . Based on experience, the main spring to adjust to a more appropriate length below , that the distance between two turns of the spring transferred half its free distance. Methods of operation are: always has a spring nut with a wrench in one hand and the other hand with a wrench Bazhu putter square head , rotate the plunger until after a suitable length modulation , the spring cap and tighten the nut on the back to prevent the main spring fastening nut loose. For more information on lifting machinery and equipment , please visit our website
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