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Electric hoist abnormal case
2013-12-30 by xiugai
Chain Electric Hoist include: Electric Chain Hoist, ultra low hanging type chain electric hoist, DHTZ type electric chain hoist, YH chain hoist, DHP were studied.the optimum processing type electric hoist, group of rings chain electric hoist. Someone think reducer temporarily not or just add some lubricating oil, still can work, will not happen serious fault, this kind of thinking is wrong. My company to install a electric hoist, after workers forget to reducer lubrication in the oven, just try one day, namely the thrum high speed reducer, open the reducer, gear found scrapped due to excessive wear. Reducer bearing damage, similar to motor bearing fault, will be issued around the bearing abnormal sound. In order to prevent failure, regardless of gear reducer, excessive wear or damage to the is still a reducer bearing damage, all need to immediately remove the inspection or replacement, eliminate the fault, reduce the noise.
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