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Coal mining gear transmission mechanical equipment failure mechanism and strategy research
2013-12-30 by xiugai
Mechanical operation is the characteristics of the coal mining operation, common coal mine machinery such as mining machinery, transportation machinery, machinery, etc., greatly improving the work efficiency, also brought huge economic benefits. Like other machinery, the traditional gear transmission is one of the important drive for the mechanical, but due to coal mining machinery work under load is larger, and the characteristics of the coal itself, gear failure problem, often occur in the gear failure will not only affect the work efficiency, and even brings security problems. Gear transmission, therefore, to explore cause coal mine machinery and equipment failure causes and the corresponding strategy, is the key to coal mine safety and efficiency of research. Chu atrium is pointed out that the form of the failure of gear transmission machinery of coal mine, mainly includes four forms: broken tooth surface of gear tooth wear: tooth pastry erosion; Tooth surface glue. This article will from five parts, respectively discusses failure mechanism of these four forms and the corresponding countermeasures. Tooth fracture failure mechanism analysis and strategy chu atrium tooth broken failure mechanism analysis pointed out that because of the coal mine machinery under load is bigger, so often USES carburized alloy steel gear, intensity bigger, so the early break probability is bigger, and generally occurs in root position, such as gear coal winning machine cutting part. Its causes has two aspects: one is fatigue fracture tooth, mainly refers to under repeat loading, bending tensile stress of the tooth root of too big...
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