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Control system part
2013-12-27 by bridgeyanju
Regulating speed control system features: (1) low speed area (usually) n 50% or less can be for speed closed-loop control power chain hoist, high-speed area for the open loop control; Lower the top gear as the super synchronous operation, realize the regenerative braking. (2) if the encoder as speed feedback signal, which can realize static high precision speed control of low speed region, but as a result of regulating speed control system dynamic characteristic curve is too soft, i.e., the dynamic downhill, so regulating speed control system is suitable for lifting mechanism, and is not suitable for use in operation. (3) regulating speed control system allowed to run on any speed time relative to the resistor fever time constant, are all long. So the resistance element after electric power chain hoist continued rate shall be 100%. But as a result of rising and falling, mechanical transmission efficiency, on the other hand, the working current of the motor, so the resistance element IN JC = 100% under current value: I = on IN; I = x eta IN 2.
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