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Proof chain hoists using rules
2014-01-06 by xiugai
1 Do not overload use . Non- manipulated by power other than human . Before using the parts required to confirm intact , transmission departments and lifting chain oiled, idling normal . Check before lifting hook is hanging down firmly . Prohibited weights hanging at the tip of errors such manipulation. 2 , proof Chain Hoists lifting chain hanging vertically should not twist the wrong link , the next frame double hook chain must not flip. Operator should stand unified with the bracelet round flat hands to pull the chain to make bracelets wheel rotates clockwise , you can make the weight rise ; reverse hands pulled the chain , noon to slowly decline. When lifting weights , doing any work staff is prohibited under heavy objects or walking , in order to avoid personal injury . 3 , proof chain hoists in the lifting process, regardless of the weight up or down, hands pulled the chain , the force should be gentle on average , do not use too much force , so as not beating the hand chain or clasp . When the operator is found hand-pull tension greater than normal , you should stop using it immediately. Maintenance methods: use should be cleaned and coated with rust gourd oil, stored in a dry place . Maintenance and inspection shall be compared with those who know hoist mechanism to prevent the function of the machine to understand the principles of free disassembly . 4 , proof chain hoists through cleaning and maintenance , load test should be conducted to confirm working, reliable braking can be delivered. Brake friction surfaces must be kept clean . Departments should always check the brakes to prevent brake failure occurred in the matter since the fall phenomenon .
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