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3:00 easily identify inferior down chain
2014-01-06 by xiugai
Down chain products on the market are manifold , half-truths blending where inferior products is endless. For less knowledgeable how do we buy a genuine down chain it? Here to introduce you to identify the three inferior products . A closer look down the chain product packaging , regular factory packaging intact , and the manufacturer's name , trademark , insurance and taste everything , and the built-in detailed product description . 2 look at the product label, the label above the regular manufacturers generally have a specific product model, product key parameters , job level, and date of manufacture or production lot . 3 observe how work down the chain of the product itself , the chain needs to check whether the surface is smooth, whether welding phenomenon . If you are not satisfied with favorite products over three decisively abandoned not buy ; Conversely , you might consider buying .
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