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Welding repair manualsmall electric hoist hook is prohibited
2014-01-07 by bridgeyanju
I believe we are all familiar with the hook , however , it is widely used in a variety of small electric hoist lifting equipment , of course, is no exception Manual Hoist a few days ago to see the two friends in the manual hoist hook to discuss whether the issue can be welding , hereby come and explore together. In addition to small electric hoist hook to bear the weight of items needed from the outside but also to withstand the impact caused by the start- up agency starting and braking loads , and therefore need to hook a higher mechanical strength and good toughness, generally low hook carbon killed steel and carbon steel forged . Hot forging process are metal , the heat treatment is to improve the strength and toughness. Once the welding will reduce the overall mechanical properties of the hook can not be guaranteed to produce welding stress concentration and possible cracks. Welding is generally not allowed . I believe that through the above analysis we already know the hook is to continue to prohibit the use of welding , so when severely deformed hook cracks , etc. should be scrapped more direct ones .
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