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Proof chain hoists usage rules
2014-01-07 by bridgeyanju
General is a simple Chain Hoists lifting machinery , mainly for short- distance high- lifting, safety of goods, is a good boost attack , explosion-proof small electric hoists and chain hoists in general there is a difference small electric hoist see proof chain hoists use rules. First, the use of non-overloading Proof chain hoists before use to check to see if good , heavy lifting or carrying out other non- error operation. Second, the proof chain hoists After cleaning and maintenance , load test should be carried out to confirm working, reliable braking can be delivered. Brake friction surfaces must be kept thousands of the net. Brake parts should be checked regularly to prevent brake failure occurred in the matter since the fall phenomenon . Third, not proof chain hoists lifting chain should be hung vertically , not a wrong twist of chain link , chain under double hook holder shall not overturn . The operator should stand on the same plane with the bracelet round hands to pull the chain to make bracelets wheel rotates clockwise , you can make the weight rise ; reverse hands pulled the chain , noon to slowly decline. When lifting heavy objects , strictly prohibited under heavy loads to do any work or walking , in order to avoid personal injury small electric hoist. Fourth, the proof chain hoists , whether up or down in the process , forced to be relaxed, not too much force, so as not to undermine the chain occurs when users find hand pull is too large, to terminate the operation. In the proof of the maintenance of chain hoists , after use, should be immediately cleaned , coated with anti-rust oil , dry place .
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