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Inspection methods and points crane sheaves
2014-01-07 by xiugai
Crane pulley inspection method has the following points. First, the pulley wear scrapped because they do not know the original test often not easy to carry size . The ideal way is to control the pulley drawing test, test chambers can be used calipers and vernier caliper . Second, the fixed pulley generally small electric hoist installed between the small frame , the protective cover above it is not easy to be observed. Checks , pay attention to whether the fixed pulley rotating flexible rim if there is breakage . Third, the balance of micro- rotating pulley at work, uneven wear wheel and shaft groove ; balanced pulleys mounted on the rack in the car , because is not easy to check , you should pay attention to three points: 1 , check the wheel shafts and shaft wear situation ; 2 , so that the rope from the pulley , the pulley to check whether the rotating flexible ; 3 links pulley shaft and the frame is reliable. Fourth, the crack by visual inspection , it can be observed with a magnifying glass . Because more brittle cast iron pulleys , collision fragile, should be carefully examined . After the pulley is damaged, users often use hard brazing ( brass water welding ) or welding repair to continue using . Due to uneven heating, pulleys deformed and uneven hardness , can cause abnormal wear rope , welding quality assurance is not easy , it does not allow welding , if there are cracks and breakage , should be replaced pulley.
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