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The characteristics of the steel wire rope electric hoist
2013-12-27 by xiugai
wire rope electric hoist is a kind of traditional, use of a wide range of electric tools, thus to master the characteristics of it, more can follow one's inclinations of operating electric hoist. Wire rope electric hoist, also called wire rope electric hoist. It is composed of motor, drive mechanism and the drum or sprocket composition. Usually use their own brake squirrel-cage conical rotor motor power, lifting weight average of 0.1 ~ 80 tons, lifting height is 3 ~ 30 meters. Model is: which CD1, MD1, model CD1 electric hoist lifting speed is constant velocity; MD1 electric hoist is fast and slow two kinds of hoisting speed, steadily and accurately. Wire rope electric hoist has compact structure, light weight, small volume, parts versatility, convenient operation. Reducer adopts hard tooth surface driving design, long life and high mechanical efficiency. The taper rotor brake motor, motor with two-way security limit device up and down. Most electric Wire Rope Hoist by people with follow the manipulation button in the ground, also can be in the driver control or use indoor cable (wireless) remote control.. Wire rope electric hoist, besides can be used alone can also be with manual, chain or electric car assembly together, hanging on the roof of the building or crane beam is used. Wire rope electric hoist can be widely used in ascension weight or installed in single-beam crane, h beam on straight line, curve, can also be used to hoist the double beam, hoist gantry crane or on cantilever crane, is commonly used in industrial and mining enterprises, railway, port, warehouse of lifting equipment.
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