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Electric hoist common fault
2013-12-28 by xiugai
Electric Hoist common fault: (1) the first check whether the electric hoist power fuse is burning out, if the broken a phase, the single-phase electric hoist motor starting, the starting torque is zero, the motor can't turn, should be replaced the fuse. (2) the second grid voltage is too low, starting torque and voltage is proportional to square of accelerating torque to overcome the load torque, short of running speed, should raise the voltage of power grid. (3) and stator winding short circuit, grounding or open circuit, winding grounding when there is a floor in the lead, should open the box to check. Break not only check the motor, but also should first check whether the control equipment wiring is correct, if it is ac contactor contact caused by poor contact line can't get through, application of sand paper will flatten contactor contact spot, at the same time also want to check the core off and disconnect, presence of jam phenomenon, when necessary, change the contactor. (4) the load is too large a fault or drive shed machinery general electric hoist is reasonable, matching motor power cannot overload lifting heavy objects, if appears not rotating electric hoist, removing the first load, such as electric function normal starting, reducer, transmission mechanism has a fault, should be examined by dragging, eliminate malfunction.
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