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SSDHL Electric Chain Hoist fault solution
2014-01-20 by xiugai
Chain Electric Hoist by driving device, working mechanism, fetch device, operation control system and metal SSDHL Electric Chain Hoist structural components. Through to the operation of the control system, chain electric hoist drive will input power energy into mechanical energy, pass force and speed to fetch device, fetch the device is the handling materials linked with crane, alone or combined motion through the work mechanism, material handling task. Chain electric hoist function, reliable control, then, improve predecessors structure, small volume, light weight, share a wide range, for lifting heavy objects, 2 rail and loading and unloading, maintenance equipment, lifting the goods very, it can be mounted to the impending h-beam, curve track, slewing crane guide fixed hoisting hanging heavy objects. Sometimes, the hoist motor voltage is normal, and the gourd is not working, it should be considered for other reasons, such as: motor burned, need to change the motor test. Chain electric hoist long-term need not, poor maintenance of brake wheel and the end cover rust, brake wheel does not open, when starting motor only "hum" sound, rolling up, block doesn't work. At this time, should remove brake wheel, cleaning rust on the surface, and test again; Motor sweep grave chamber, also can make the motor not scroll, found that this kind of situation, should be used in resting necessary for repair or replacement motor, to guarantee the normal work of the gourd. It is forbidden to use electric hoist overload at work, when the goods excessive overload, explosion-proof electric hoist crane goods, motor only thrum "hum", instead of running, serious when burning motor, or even cause an accident, should immediately stop at this moment, reduce the goods, make the gourd work under rated power. Each part of the production and sales across the country, economic and practical, safe and reliable.
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