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The use of the crane pay attention to safety matters
2013-12-27 by xiugai
Before lifting shall organize relevant departments according to the requirement of the construction plan to conduct a comprehensive inspection together, the examination content as follows: (1) the configuration and plan of construction machine rigging are consistent; (2) take cover engineering self-inspection, mutual inspection records; (3) the location of the equipment foundation anchor bolt (embedded bolts) is in compliance with project quality requirements, and equipment of skirt or base screw hole is matched; (4) whether based around the earthwork backfill compaction; (5) the construction site is in accordance with the operating requirements; (6) for lifting equipment is in accordance with the requirements; Crane online; (7) construction can guarantee for electricity; (8) understanding of personnel division of labor and command system, and the weather; (9) other preparations such as security, rescue, living supplies, reception is implemented. After inspection, confirmed before lifting orders, construction personnel enter the operating post, still have to check this post again, after the check, may be on standby operation, if you need day lifting, should organize personnel to the scene to defend. 12, before lifting, should first try to check each part stress distribution, situation normal can continue lifting; In the process of lifting, without the consent of the field commander, shall not be under the lifting weights and the stress near the rigging and through. 13, usually don't allow someone with the crane lifting, such as special circumstances is really necessary at the same time, must rely on security measures should be taken, and must be approved by the leadership. The hoisting construction site, should have to alert zone, an engineering construction personnel are strictly prohibited to enter, construction and operation personnel must wear marks command, the reporters are not allowed inside. (14) in the process of hoisting, such as interrupt, measures must be taken for processing, may make the weight suspended. 15, once in the process of hoisting accident, the operation should stick to job, strictly keep the scene order, and make records, in order to analysis reason. Crane hook up joint and the effect of heavy, must attach importance to the maintenance of it. To this end, all that hook hoisting height limiter or hook locking device failure or damage, absolutely none of use; As for the unlicensed mount guard, leadership responsibility should be investigated.
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