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Frequency conversion electric hoist is a kind of electric hoist
2013-12-29 by xiugai
Frequency conversion Electric Hoist is a kind of electric hoist, is the use of frequency converter to change the power frequency, to control the speed of the motor. Electric hoist in the Chinese market has a lot of kinds, but compared to the domestic hoist, hoist technology import more close lai. Sino-foreign joint venture electric hoist with its advanced technology, favorable price, is the country's most popular! Frequency conversion electric hoist has the following features: 1, and reduces the shock of starting, when the suspension: due to the electric hoist has the function of stable work, so can reduce the impact of starting, when the suspension, curious suitable for delicate mould oscillation is not permitted in work environments, such as. Frequency conversion chain electric hoist pictures will be effected according to the requirements set hoisting speed Lifting speed can be set between extra speed to the extra speed in 1/10, to choose the most suitable operating speed. 2, can you improve the work efficiency: under the light, the lifting speed can be between the extra speed to 1.5 times the extra speed setting, progress under no-load running speed, to advance the work efficiency. 3, convenient to set the car speed, can through the inverter to run motor frequency conversion control, can be convenient to make motor running under the dead slow running, function positioning accuracy, also can undertake inching operation.
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