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Electric super-low electric chain hoist subdivision
2014-01-07 by xiugai
DHP electric chain hoist chain hoists retains lightweight and convenient features , and improved manual chain hoists , lifting speed slow enough that it sets Electric Hoist and chain hoist with an advantage of using the disc brake motors do the work , driving gear reducer, with a compact body , small size, light weight, high efficiency , easy to use , reliable and simple to maintain braking . DHS -type electric chain hoist chain hoists retains lightweight and convenient features , and improved super-low electric chain hoist manual chain hoists , and other lifting speed inadequate , it sets electric hoist and chain hoist features in a used motor for disc brake power , planetary gear reducer, with compact structure, small size, light weight, high efficiency , easy to use, reliable braking , easy maintenance and so on. HH -type electric chain hoist is our reference JB5317.2-91 " electric chain hoist technology" in the introduction of foreign advanced technology, based on the design and manufacture , generally installed in the overhead beam or H-beam track, can also be hung on a hanger or a dedicated fixed spreader lifting goods , are widely used in factories, mines , warehouses , construction sites , commercial and other premises handling the installation from the heavy weight of 0.25 ~ 25t, there are two types of single-speed and two-speed lift form . KOIO Electric Chain Hoist - Electric (HHBB) Advantages : light weight, small size limit , high level of security, performance, high reliability, and low failure rate , low noise , strong overload capacity , braking force is huge. Hoist black bear mainly for industrial and mining enterprises , storage terminals and other places. Weight is generally from 0.5 to 30 tons , the operating voltage of 24V/48V conversion , prevent leakage, accidents may happen , when it rains to ensure safe use . Day Chile hoist with a compact, light weight , small size, easy to operate, easy to maintain. Electric hoist can be installed separately word overhead beam , can also be installed on electric or manual single-beam , dual- beam, cantilever, gantry cranes. Therefore, it is one of the commonly used lifting equipment in factories, mines , ports, warehouses , garages, shops, etc. , is to improve labor efficiency , improve working conditions necessary machinery. M6 has a single chain type 3T load 3 tons of capacity , so as to enhance the use of space and workshop greatly increased operating efficiency. M6 -speed electric chain hoist load capacity with a variety of product specifications. 0.5t load capacity from small to heavy 50t load capacity are available for you to choose from. M6 -type solid steel with good balance. M6-Y -type electric chain hoist with the function of rise and fall from . It also has security features quick walk around . M6-Y type 0.5 tons to 10 tons of the Trolley track can be run to accommodate different sizes of beams running through the removable trolley washers. The fit of the beam size , refer to the following table . PK type electric chain hoist is a starting weight of 125-2000kg was upgrading and running a small size, light weight, flexible operation and so on. PK type electric chain hoist with various travel agencies , to complete lifting of materials transported within the range of lines and planes , walking track can be ordinary beam , it can be a standard steel beam light rail system. Kito (KITO) EQ series electric chain hoist can maximize its core - a two-speed drive characteristics. Using the motor housing and forming a body structure , ensuring a powerful , while achieving the body lightest, smallest . Standard configuration using electronic overload protection and friction clutch . Achieve the dual security and low-carbon environment . Standard no-load high-speed operation capabilities and improve operating efficiency .
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