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The main advantage of the electric hoist
2013-12-27 by xiugai
The main advantage of the Electric Hoist: (1) on the structure of small volume, light weight, the whole machine closed ease of installation. (2) all with airtight in tank of the spur gear transmission, the rolling bearing, spindle drive mechanism is not in the clutch, reduce failure. (3) without any control parts, and automatic braking, lifting weight, the greater the braking force is also. (4) easy to operate, a button with the hand, can not only control opening and closing. (5) using the guide rope clip, wire rope winding on the drum, accurately regardless of wire rope relaxation, not loose, overlapping, twisted steel wire rope on the drum. (6) hook position or wire rope on the drum winding circle number, destination limit switch automatic control, safe and reliable.
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