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How to maintain webbing sling at low temperatures
2014-01-20 by xiugai
Manual Hoist hundreds of thousands of species have much , but the method of maintenance is roughly the same , low humidity Webbing sling environment manual hoist should be how to care . 1 , manual Chain Hoist maintenance is a top priority , it is timely for the chain lubrication. 2, such as long-term placement , should be handled in a timely manner and rust cleaning and maintenance work and test run to see if it is working properly . 3 , regular maintenance manual hoist the main parts detection , and resolutely put an end to security risks appear. 4 , brake parts should be kept clean , cut out regular checks to prevent sudden Zhidongshiling work occurred weights from falling . 5, using the manual hoist rain , rain facilities should be set up . 6 , keeping dry parts chain hoists , chain hoists place after the operation is completed dry environment . Avoid high temperature and chemical areas.
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