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Do not lose the greater in purchasing rope hoist
2013-12-25 by yyq
With the rapid development of lifting industry in recent years, more and more manufacturers of lifting equipment were set up, because of high competitiveness of products, there are some unscrupulous businessmen fish in troubled waters, in order to induce customers buy inferior products by lower prices. We should pay attention to this situation, do not spoil the ship for a halfpennyworth of tar.
1.The motor brand and quality, such as the heart of the Wire Rope Hoist, do not covet low price and buying inferior motor.
2.Wire rope is also an important component of hoist,wear-resistant or not is the standard of an evaluation criterion.
3. With the development of technology and fierce competitiveness, manufacturers are constantly developing new products, the prices of new products tend to be higher.
4. Tonnage size and running speed are also directly dictate the price of an Electric Hoist.
We must ensure that the main components have basic guarantee when we buying rope hoist , so that we will eliminates a lot of trouble when we use it in the future .

Candy Chen

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