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Buy electric hoist should note the following questions
2013-12-25 by yyq
1.motor power: Different Electric Hoist motors are not necessarily identical, the same 10t electric hoist motor is also possible use 13KW or 7.5KW, customers can choose according to their different needs.
2. lifting height: electric hoist act as a lifting tool has strict requirements on lift height . So you should choose lifting height according to your plant height, the conventional lifting height is 6/9/12/18/24/30 m, special occasions, according to user requirements for non-standard design.
3. lifting speed: Average electric hoist lifting speed is divided into single-speed (8m/min) and double-speed (8/0.8m/min) two kinds, generally we always use single-speed electric hoist (CD1-type), if your working condition requires precise positioning, you can choose two-speed electric hoist (MD1 model).Generally speaking, the lifting speed determines the work efficiency, the more high-speed electric hoist, the more you can improve your efficiency.
4. Voltage: electric hoist used in all walks of life, so the voltage is different, there are 380V,220V power supply, and even 440V, 60HZ, 380V, 60HZ series of non-standard power supply .
5. The hoist hook from I-beam to the bottom center (minimum hook spacing): choose electric hoist hook should be noted that the spacing between the upper and lower, because in certain plant,hoist hook spacing always call for specific requirements .
6. mounting: hoist separate into electric Trolley-style (electric hoist lifting heavy objects can be either up or down and move around) and stationary (only up and down lifting goods) of the points,the user can choose according to your actual installation methods which suitable for your electric hoist.
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