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The use of wire rope winch operators need to pay attention to safety
2014-01-20 by xiugai
Electric Hoist is often used in the monorail crane, jib crane and all kinds of single beam crane, because of its Wire rope winch simple structure, easy fabrication and inspection, good interchangeability, manipulate easily, so widely used in the factory. If its safety device is not umbrella, use undeserved, can cause deaths and injuries. Therefore, electric hoist control staff besides according to the designated training accredited nian as well, also must strictly abide by the following control procedures: (1) to start the former should really check equipment mechanical, electrical, wire rope, lifting clamp, limiter, etc are in good condition and reliable. (2) shall not be overloaded with lifting. When lifting. No grip on the rope hand and object of asked. "Rise of mansion. (3) lifting shackle, lifting objects, must abide by rules of peg rigger safety control. Banding should be strong, should be set in the object's Angle gaps liner protection. (4) using tandem line electrical switch starter. Insulation must be good. Accurate to press a button, when pay attention to the location of the stand. 5) monorail electric hoist at the end of the track turning on or close to track, must slow running. Control room (6) for all the electric hoist, chain electric hoist and other necessary pport manipulation, strictly abide by the relevant HangCheGong AnJin operation procedures
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