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Large wire rope winch winch drum welding process analysis
2014-01-17 by xiugai
In recent years, the exploitation of shallow oil can not meet the supply of oil , currently being developed to deep sea drilling , so the corresponding petroleum equipment also will begin to develop . Floating crane as a large-scale deepwater pipelay ship lifting equipment plays an important role in deepwater drilling and sea pipe laying . As the Wire rope winch drum floating crane bearing member is an important , not only has a strong strength , stiffness, and the multi-layer winding rope , the situation is more complex forces . Therefore, to understand and master the winch drum construction process , summarize and manufacturing experience, is crucial to improve product quality, reduce manufacturing costs. This article will focus on winch drum set for the welding process control shrinkage deformation and correlation analysis . Winch drum winch drum structure analysis by the roller tubes, brakes, drive shaft , flange plates and ribs and other components, steel drum roll tube using the system, divided into three groups to complete the welding segment , each segment shown winch drum the opposite end of the roller tube in the form of one-sided bevel J -shaped groove , each set of the form of U -shaped groove , so the key cylinder tube butt welding winch drum manufacturing process , using different welding current and the welding temperature speed , may produce different welding contraction. Roller tube butt groove forms .
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